All Clinic dates tentative due to the current travel restrictions:

A little bit about me.

For the last 25 years, I have committed myself to building collaborative training methods with horses as partners in development. This ever evolving journey has lead me to create what I call Freedom Based Training™. This is the basis for the training I believe all trainers use and too few talk about. Do you understand your choices in training? Do you understand the pros and cons of being more or less dominant in your development with horses? I aim to help everyone understand their choices and build a course of action that most suits their situation. I work with any breed focusing on depth of relationship, harmony, and collaborative training between horse and human. 

I offer a wide variety of clinics.

One day workshops focus on a broad overview of leadership, collaborative understanding with horses and a securing of a foundational relationship between horse and human. 


Two day workshops bring together the nuts and bolts of how we read, respond to and collaborate with our horses as we develop the depth of relationship we want and work toward common goals. 


Four day workshops allow us to bring depth to our understanding of what it is to forge a deeper bond with our horses. Spending time building the skills it takes to work with our horses instead of against them, no whips, no treats, and no motivation other than horse and human working together in the intrinsic enjoyment of the moment. The beginning of a true conversation.


The workshops require a herd of horses for the participants to work with. I look to have a minimum of three horses who reasonably get along so we can observe the natural horse interactions. Larger herds are also good so long as the space we are working in can comfortably accommodate them. A limit of 12 human participants keeps the instruction personal and on point for the students. Auditors are always welcome.


Private and Group Lessons Days give us a chance to focus in on your personal goals and discover what kind of tools and skills are most appropriate and necessary for your development. We start from a basis of Freedom Based Training™ and in the course of an hour or two we will hone the tools most appropriate to your personal situation to forge a deeper bond and better relationship with your horse. 

The details.

Workshops are open to participants of all levels and abilities. Freedom Based Training™ is adaptable to whatever level, you and the horses will always have something new to learn.


Workshops are run in the format of two, three hour sessions with a lunch break in-between. The participants can expect some lecture time to introduce each new concept, observation of the horses as they show us how they use these ideas with each other and then hands on time developing skill and timing in building relationship. 


Private and Group Lesson days are open to all levels and abilities and auditors are always welcome. You can schedule a one or two hour spot depending on how in depth you would like to go. 


In the Private and Group session I am happy to work with you on groundwork, riding, problem solving or goal setting/achievement. Whatever your skill and desires, I will help you and your horse work collaboratively and deepen your relationship as you develop together. 


Contact me to set up a workshop or a lesson day or participate in an already scheduled clinic.


Refunds will be issued for riders who must withdraw only if a replacement rider is found. This clinic is subject to inclement weather depending on the facility!  If the clinic is cancelled, refunds will be issued.












Get involved.

As these are travelling clinics, locations will vary. If you wish to organize a clinic in your barn please contact me here. I love to travel and work with you and your own horses anywhere! Auditors should plan on bringing your own chairs. Also please dress appropriately for the weather. We ask that lesson day participants be ready 15 minutes before their session and that you are willing to be flexible if someone in an earlier slot needed some extra time to find a good developmental stopping point. We are coming together to learn from each other and, most importantly, our horses. 

Hooves & Heartbeats,