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Online Course Schedule for 2022

The Foundation Course - Winter Session for 2022, Jan 5th - Mar 9th

The Foundation Course - Autumn Session for 2022, Sept. 21st - Nov. 23rd

The Confidence Course - Winter Session for 2023, Jan 4th -Mar 1st

The Foundation Course - Spring Session for 2023, March 29th - May 31st

The Foundation Course - Summer Session for 2023, Jun 21st - Aug 23rd

The Foundation Course - Autumn Session for 2023, Sep 13th - Nov 15th


To watch the first class of the Freedom Based Training® Online Course (This is the introductory class offered publicly and free to give you an idea of what the online course is like)



I would like to take a personal journey with you and your horse and help you to forge a deeper bond. 


After I completed the film Taming Wild, everyone asked, "How can we learn to do this?" 


With so much interest, I have opened a new avenue of interactive learning and sharing my experience with people around the world: An online course.


This is an 8-week, live, real-time, interactive course, personally working with me, Elsa Sinclair, utilizing the specialized program I developed, Freedom Based Training®. Each week will start with an interactive video conference where I will explain the theory behind our process with horses.


During the week between meetings, you and your horse will have time to develop your relationship and gain experience forging a deeper bond through the projects and exercises I present in our classroom time. I will give you the tools with which to experiment and specific homework exercises.  


As you work during the week, you can share your progress with me by video or verbally. I will be available in our private Facebook group, by email, Skype, WhatsApp, or phone to give you feedback and discuss what works for you and what doesn’t.


I only take 12 new students each session (there are often a few returning students in each class as well), and each student will have full access to me during the week between classes by email, phone or facebook. The time you invest in working with your horse will be enhanced by the feedback you receive from me when we discuss your work.


During my year of experimental training with Myrnah, I learned more about horses and about myself than in all my 25 years of prior equine experience. In this online interactive learning opportunity, I will share what I have learned with you. 


While there are no shortcuts to developing a truly deep bond with your horse, as you put in the time, you will find it is more and more about the journey than it is the destination.


Have you ever wondered what training would be like without ropes, whips, or food motivation

and what the core concepts underneath all those traditional methods of training are?


Then this course is for you.


Contact Me for more information.


"An amazing first day at Elsa Sinclair's freedom based training clinic, with Belle. Changes in horses, including my beautiful girl, in as little as an hour, is mind blowing! Can't wait for tomorrow, and then watching Monday and Tuesday as Elsa introduces work in a herd.
Belle is becoming so much more confident in new environments, easier to read, and more reliable... Elsa's approach is going to help strengthen this... I encourage ANYONE, absolutely ANYONE who loves horses to at least go and spectate a clinic by Elsa!"


-Donatienne P. - United Kingdom

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