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This all started with a question. A question I found burning inside of me for an answer. What if horses were given a choice? Would they let us ride them? Without force or tools to control, and without bribes to lure them?

Could I start with a wild horse, free and unfettered, develop a language with her, build a system of communication and convince her to let me ride, voluntarily?

Could this wild horse and I connect in a way so magnetic, beautiful and irresistible that force, tools and bribes were proven unnecessary?

Could this be done within a time limit? One year, start to finish, would this wild horse be won over and let me ride her? I didn’t know if it could be done, And I certainly didn’t know if it could be done within a year. Could I really leave behind all my tools and preconceived notions and do something that was completely new to me?

This was a process that begged to be documented. And so, with the help of some amazing friends, I dove headlong into the project, followed by videographers, and photographers who helped me record it all.

This film is the journey of one wild mustang off the range, Myrnah, a horse with her own mind, strength and sense of independence. One trainer, no tools, just body language. The ups and downs, the trials and frustrations, and the beauty and persevering truths connection brings in its wake.



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